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Go Skateboarding Day 2014


As everyone knows, June 21st is National Go Skateboarding Day. We at Ambush wanted to make sure that this day gets the proper recognition it deserves. And, we wanted to give all skateboarders a day of enjoyment. So, the Ambush crew headed up to Kennesaw Skatepark. Video game booths, misting stations, pizza, and the RedBull MTX truck were just some of the things providing the entertainment that day. Prizes were given out for best tricks and random skateboard trivia questions that were answered. Well, I don’t wanna bore everyone with words, so here is a little montage that recapped the whole day! If you missed it this year well we look forward to seeing you next year!




Trick Tip : Impossibles with Zeke Logan at Kennesaw Skatepark

Get the inside scoop on Impossibles with Ambush team rider Zeke Logan.

Spring Mix featuring Zeke Logan, Jordan Smith, Catnip, and Josh Butler

The boys are back and Spring is in the air. Check out the Robert Johnson vibes in this new Spring Mix edit featuring your favorite Ambush skaters doing what they do best. Filming by Max, Matt Mazza, Josh Butler and Dakota Plumley.


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65 Degrees and Sunny

In my opinion, there is only one thing to do on a perfect weather day. That is go skate. Cool, blue skies, a light breeze and fresh Georgia air got me out of the house real quick. I rounded up a couple of the Ambush boys Wes and Zeke as well as the good homies Dakota Plumley and Brenden Lagna. We all met up at the new Kennesaw Skatepark to start a sweet day of shredding. We put in a solid 5 hours of non stop skating. Here is a little montage to show what we got!


Memory Lane With Zeke Logan

In this installment of Memory Lane, Zeke Logan discusses his part in 2012’s acclaimed SEC 3. Find out the origins of the “Squirm” title, his thoughts on Trailer Park Boys TV series, and where some of the spots are located.

Press play below and ake a look back with Zeke Logan and his part from the 2012 video “SEC 3: The Final Chapter”. Filmed By: Max Yoder and Matt Mazza.

Zeke Logan back tailslide


“I was trying to do 180 nosegrind thing but then a just ended up doing a back tail (laughter)… then randomly 180’d out” – Zeke Logan

Zeke Logan SEC 3 frame grab


Good Times N Great Oldies # 3

For this installment of Good Times N Great Oldies, we all headed up to Cartersville to check out the brand new Insanity Skate Park.  Jonah (owner of Hazard County skatepark and construction) invited us up to break in the park.  We got there just as Jonah was putting the finishing touches to the park.  It was pretty rad seeing the ramps, ledges and rails get the first marks laid down on them.  Big thanks goes out to the crew at Insanity for having us, and Jonah for building another kick ass park.  Check out how sick the park looks and all of the unique ways to use the walls in the video below.

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Good Times N Great Oldies – Episode 2

For this installment of Good Times N Great Oldies, we decided to head out to Travis Glover’s home town of Lawrenceville, GA.  Starting off the day at Bay Creek skate park with no shade was probably a bad idea, but Mitch and Travis managed to pull through with some good lines while sweating off a few pounds.  After getting cooked at the park, Travis took us out to see what the ‘ville has to offer in the street skating department.  After checking a few spots, the sun was going down so we called it a day and headed back to the shop.  Keep checking back to see where the streets take us next. Now go out and get some for yourself!

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Good Times N Great Oldies – Episode 1

Welcome to the first installment of a new segment called “Good Times N Great Oldies”.  Spend a day out in the streets with the Ambush Board Co team doing what they do best.

Featuring: Dustin Hart, Gary Sargent, Zeke Logan, and Dakota Plumley.


Skate Team Spring Edit

It looks like winter is over, and spring time is here.  Longer days, and more sun means more time out in the streets skating.  Check out this clip of our team doing what they do best, and get psyched to go do the same.

Be sure to come by the shop and hang with the team this Saturday at the Game of Skate.  You might even win some stuff.


Zeke Logan Interview


zeke kickflipPhotos by: David Morico


I don’t even know where to start with this kid.  You’ve all seen him skate by now: the hardest tricks down some heavy stacks, manual tricks that will stress you out just thinking about them, and quite the bag of moves on transition.  All with finesse and ease.  But, on the other hand, dude still hasn’t made it to a job interview, you might as well burn your couch after he’s slept on it, and he NEVER has gas money.  Get it together Zeke!  He’ll figure it out one day.  Until then, stick to jumping off stuff on your skateboard, buddy.  Without further ado, everyone’s favorite retard, Zeke Logan.

Me: What’s up? How’s life been since SEC 3?

Zeke: It’s been good. Just been skatin’ and shit.

Me: Were you happy with your part in the video?

Zeke: Kinda. Not really.  I couldn’t get my last trick I was trying to get.  I got kinda stressed out at the end.  Worryin’ about it to much I guess. Over thinking it.

Me: Do you think some of that might have been from all the hype surrounding the video?

Zeke: Towards the end people were always asking me about it so that kinda stressed me out.  Hyped on everything else though.

Me:  You had to be psyched when you pulled the nollie inward heel, right?

Zeke:  Yeah, I was hyped. That took forever.  Took like 16 trips there.

Me: Are you working on anything at the moment since that’s been done?

Zeke: Yeah. Workin’ on gettin’ a job, gettin’ life stuff done.  Tryin’ to get some stuff put together hopefully for a Mag Minute.

Me: Who do you like skate with?

Zeke: Dakota, Catnip, anyone from the SEC video.

Me: Who is killing it in Atlanta?

Zeke: Catnip, Andrew Edge, and Chase Trau. That’s the dream team right there.

Me: You’ve known Chase for a while. How’d you meet him?

Zeke: TNT skatepark through Skyler (Clark).

Me: What goes on in a normal day with you?

Zeke: Wake up, piss excellence, put on some Sabbath and burn one.  After that get on hellaclips, see if there’s anything cool and go skate.  Come back and relax.

Me: What are your favorite places to go skate?

Zeke: Federal ledges are sick. Nashville for sure is the shit. Greenville has sick spots too. Yeah, I guess that’s it.

Me: Where would you like to skate that you haven’t been yet?

Zeke: I’d like to go to Arizona for a skate trip.  I went for a contest but not to actually go out and film and stuff. That or Denver.  New York too. I wanna go to New York.

Me: You gotta be careful in New York, though. Its party town up there.

Zeke:  I know. I just wanna go up there and skate.

Me: Why do you lose your mind when you see animals?

Zeke: Animals are awesome.  I’ve had about 3 dogs.  I’m about to catch this cat right now. There’s this baby cat that’s been outside for a month.  Its so close and its so sick but it won’t come to me.  Come here mother fucker.

Me: What’s up with you and bowling?

Zeke: Started when I was like 6, bowled for 9 years up in Illinois on Saturday mornings.  Then, when I started skating and moved here, I quit.

Me: Did you compete?

Zeke: I did enter tournaments but didn’t really take it seriously.

Me: All time high score?

Zeke: Somewhere between 221 and 223.

Me: As far as skating goes, I noticed your pretty selective about your tricks.  Sometimes even though you can do a super tech trick you will choose not to.  Why is that?

Zeke: I’m not really down with super tech stuff. I grew up watching Zero videos.  Simple stuff, but gnarly.  I prefer a more basic trick done well over something super technical.

Me: Who do you get psyched watching skate?

Zeke: Reynolds, Bryan Herman for sure, Eric Koston’s older stuff, and James Brockman! He’s gnarly. That dude does not care. Been around forever too.

Me: Didn’t you get your ears cut off your head or something when you were little?

Zeke: I had tubes in my ears since I was a baby, and like, when they took the tubes out, one of the holes didn’t heal up.  I didn’t get the surgery ’til I was 12.  They cut my whole left ear off, put some skin over the hole to patch it up then re attached my ear pretty much.

Me: Is there a gnarly scar?

Zeke: Yeah, there’s a scar, I can still feel where the stitches were.

Me: Is that why I have to repeat myself all the time when I’m talking to you?

Zeke: Yeah. I’m super deaf.

Me: I was sitting in front of your mom during the SEC premiere, she seemed super hyped.

Zeke:  That’s awesome. I’m hyped she’s down for it.  She’s always been super supportive. It’s sick.

Me: Who else supports your skateboarding?

Zeke: Dakota, you, Mazza, Jordan, Tyler Culbertson from Foundation, Cory from Kr3w and Supra just hit me up, they’re bout to help me out with shoes and clothes.

Zeke: Hold up. I almost got this, cat hold up one second


Zeke: I almost had it dude.

Zeke:  Holy shit! There’s a 2nd cat I’m tryin to catch too. There he is!!

Me: Well it sounds like your busy catchin’ those cats so I’m gonna let you go. Any last words?

Zeke: SEC x FU Crue video comin’ next year!

Me: Oh yea we need to get crackin’ on that. Have a good one Zeke.

Zeke: You to man. Peace.


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