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Go Skateboarding Day 2013

Skateboarding is going off everywhere in 2013, and Go Skateboarding Day here at Ambush was no different.  Stormy was heatin’ it up on the grill, Space Orphan had ripping tunes, and everyone was killing it on the ramps and rails in the parking lot.  It’s pretty rad to see everyone progressing more and more each year.  Let’s keep it going kids don’t blow it.  Big thanks to all of our sponsors for holding us down as always; The Kayo Corp, Sector 9, Redbull Atl, Bender Hardware, Element, and Low Card Mag.  We couldn’t do it with out you.  Check the video above for some high lights from the session.  Remember, everyday is Go Skateboarding Day, so go out there and get some!


Ruby Tuesdays-‘Tis the Season

Hey guys! Welcome back to another installment of Ruby Tuesdays!

As you may have noticed, Spring is here. The weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer, and there is pollen on EVERYTHING. I hate pollen.
It’s been making it quite difficult to get motivated to go out and skate, by the time I get out my allergies start to act up. Which sucks, cause it’s getting to be perfect skating weather now, and school is almost out.
Lee brought up a good point earlier, that this is the second best time of the year to skate only because of the pollen. Besides that, the weather is amazing and the days are getting longer.

Granted that not too much skating has been going on for me, we’ve been keeping up with our band, Space Orphan.
We played a show last Friday at the ARTS AGAINST HIERARCHY DIY art show at The Arts Exchange, downtown. It was quite an interesting experience, the Arts Exchange is this super run down, old building tucked away behind some trees off of I-20 East. It was a benefit art show with all proceeds going towards the building of the Atlanta Social Center, with free admission. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we arrived there. It was a cool vibe, definitely not what I expected though. We hung out for about an hour, checked out some local art, and watched our new friend Josh Loner play an acoustic set in the main hallway for about 20 minutes. The guy has some interesting subject matter in his songs, and he was really nice too. He had a powerful voice, that dude could wail!


Once he finished, we set up and got to work.
We played in the hallway, quite a cramped little space for the three of us, as you can see below.


It was a bit difficult to hear ourselves since the sounds would all reverberate throughout the hallway, we were so close together that the drums and amps would kind of just blend.
It was a fun experience though, definitely glad we got a chance to come play. It’s always fun to get out and play for people, especially for friends and family, and potential new fans!


We’re looking forward to playing more shows and hopefully recording soon. As summer approaches, we’ll have more time to worry about getting out to skate and play music more. I’m excited for sure. We may have some videos posted soon, stay tuned.
Keep an eye out for news, things are only gonna get better from here.
*All photos by John E. Ramspott, here’s a link to the rest of the photos from that night, enjoy!

Speaking of skateboarding, we just got copies of Austyn Unlimited to give out with every Habitat board purchased at the shop. Personally, I can say that this was my favorite video part that was put out in 2012. Granted, Austyn Gilette is my favorite skateboarder, but with good reason. The guy has such good style and an amazing trick selection, it doesn’t get much better than that. If I were you, I’d come grab one of these Habitat boards and get a free copy of Austyn Unlimited with it. You won’t regret it. Here’s the video on youtube:

Yeah, it’s cool and all to watch it online, but it’s so much nicer to have the actual copy of the dvd. So come get one! We’ll be up here all day, every day!

Sorry for such a short post, I’ll have some more interesting stuff to talk about soon. I’ll leave you guys with some more music, enjoy this performance from DIIV on KEXP. Later!

Ruby Tuesdays: Tunes, yo.

Hey! Welcome back to another installment of Ruby Tuesdays!

As of lately, it seems like life has been going pretty well! Good vibes, good people, and good times! Tyler and I’s band, Space Orphan, played our first show on March 2nd, in Heaven at the Masquerade, and it was a fantastic time. We got to play at 9:00 pm and couldn’t have made it happen without you guys. Thanks so much to everyone for supporting us and coming out! Lee did a blog post a couple weeks back on it, check it out here.
Skateboarding has been slowly making its way back into my routine now that the weather is getting better, which is quite exciting. Time to get some clips, I hope you guys are ready for the 24 hour video contest coming up!

My photography has been slacking lately, I need to get back on that. We’ve really just been working on music, so it’s all good. Speaking of which, we are playing another show, this Friday! It’s quite short notice, but we hope you guys can come out!

The show will be taking place at The Arts Exchange, for the ART AGAINST HIERARCHY DIY local arts show. It starts at 7:00 pm, music will begin at 8:00 pm. There will be lots of art, some food, music, video art, big installations, performances, live/interactive painting, and great company! Come purchase some great art or just come hang out and enjoy all the works! Admission is free! All proceeds go towards the creation of The Atlanta Social Center. See more here and here. It would be awesome if you guys could come out and support us. We’ll be playing second on the list of bands that night. Be there or be square, hope to see you there!

Asides from that, I’ve been pretty busy, I’ll have to keep you guys updated with everything. For now, I’ll leave you with this, enjoy:


Space Orphan is not a Bastard

Do orphanages still exist? Do down-and-out parents still discard their children in to massive bastard compounds filled with wicked orderlies torturing unsuspecting outcasts? Well, if those awful places do exist, and those said children grew up to belt out indie, stoner, singer/songwriter, jam rock tunes, I think we can all agree that those orphanages would be pretty cool.

What I am getting at is Space Orphan can wail. If you missed them play this weekend, you blew it. But, judging by the set they played last Saturday, you’ll be able to catch the trio soon.

Space Orphan (from L to R: Tyler, Ruben, Vince)

If you want to pigeon hole the band, Space Orphan is a three-piece indie group with a slight tendency to veer into singer/songwriter’s lane or go off the overpass into a deep, stoner rock ravine. They don’t have a bass player, so Ruben (vocals/guitar) and Vince (guitar/vocals) switch from back and forth from rhythm to lead throughout their songs. Their bass-less sound also makes for some interesting time keeping from Tyler (drums/vocals) without taking texture away from their music. Basically, if Deer Tick knocked up Hawkwind, their illegitimate baby would be Space Orphan.

Space Orphan Slipping into a Trance

Vince Offering His Voice

Ruben Can Rip

I was enjoying the show too much to film the whole thing, so I only filmed this one tune. It’s pretty damn good though. Check it for yourself.

Don’t sleep on these guys. Keep your ear to the streets and see them next time they play. I know I’ll be there.

Enjoy these pics from the night:

Space Orphan Fans

Three Cheers for Space Orphan

Mitch and Marvin Grooving

Ralph, Sean, and Nadia

Ruby Tuesdays: Randoms

Welcome back for another installment of Ruby Tuesdays!

As of lately, I haven’t really had too much of a chance to blog, just trying to get back on it. I’ve been pretty busy here at the shop and outside of work and school, working on the whole music thing with Tyler and Vince. Pretty stoked on it. We’ve got a lot we’re working on, a lot of writing, trying to give some more structure to these songs.

By the way, our band Space Orphan is playing at the Masquerade this Saturday for The Wicked Winter Festival! It’s our first show! Tickets are $15; try and come out, it will be super fun, all local bands all day from 11am to 11pm. You can come get tickets from Tyler Lee or myself up at the shop, we need to sell them by Thursday, so just let us know. We aren’t sure of what time we’ll be playing yet because ticket sales determine time slots, so help us get a good time!
Here’s the facebook link to the event, we’d appreciate the support!

Speaking of live music, I’ve been really stoked on this band Foals lately. They’re an indie rock/dance punk/math rock band from Oxford, England. Good stuff, they just put out their new album, Holy Fire, and it’s pretty sick. I brought this up because they’re coming to Atlanta on April 30, playing at The Goat Farm Arts Center with Surfer Blood and Blondfire. Foals is also playing Bonnaroo Music Festival in June, which I’m really excited for. Such a good lineup. I’ll be seeing them twice, hell yeah. Check em out! Here’s a single, Inhaler, off of their new album:

Another thing that caught my eye recently was this new Austyn Gillette video part from Cosmic Vomit 2. Bleached hair and Juicy J? Hell yeah! It’s not your typical Austyn Gillette part, but it’s still good.

I actually have had 3 pairs of his shoes, and I was surprised at how good they skate. That’s all I’ve been riding for now, on my third pair right now. They’ve got amazing boardfeel, some pretty nice padding in the footbed, and they just simply look good! Check out a pair if you have the chance, I would definitely recommend them.

I wish we had a video of us playing or some tracks to show you guys, but we don’t! You’ll just have to trust us when we say it’s good!
We hope you guys can make it out to the show Saturday, see you there!
Other than that, I don’t have much else to tell you about today, some things will have to wait…
I’ll leave you with this, later!

Ruby Tuesdays – Back on it (Thank you Skateboarding)

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a good winter break and a Happy Holiday season!
We got super busy up here at Ambush over the holidays and that made it a little hard to keep up with this blog.
Thank you nonetheless for coming through and keeping us busy!

Welcome to another installment of Ruby Tuesdays!

I’ll start with a question: How many of you guys love music/playing music?
It seems like something that people don’t typically keep on their mind, but music is a big player in everyday life. I know it is for me! I can’t get it off my mind, I constantly think about the music I listen to, the songs I’m learning, and even songs that I’m working on creating! I can’t get enough of it. How did I come to love music so much?

I remember vividly being a little kid and always singing along with the radio on car rides, I could always remember the lyrics really well. Recently, I’ve listened to songs I haven’t heard in a long time and I could still recall the words. It’s astonishing. I grew up listening to mostly 80’s and 90’s music that my parents listened to, and other bands, including favorites of mine such as The Police and The Beatles. Even though I didn’t grow up playing music or being involved with it, I had a budding relationship with music that would start to show its face later on, in middle school. Why middle school?

Because that’s when I started skateboarding.

I remember picking up skateboarding, randomly, in the summer of 6th grade. I had a couple of friends in school who skated, but I wasn’t too interested. I don’t know what did it, I think it had to do with walking into a skate shop for the first time, and seeing how cool everything was. We hadn’t walked in with the intention of getting a skateboard, but I ended up walking out with one. I got a 7.5 Flip logo deck, Indys, Mini Logo bearings, Shorty’s hardware, and Spitfires. I still have that complete in my closet, on the top shelf. Broken kingpins and everything. I can’t be more thankful to the shop dude who hooked me up with such a legit first setup! Because that made me fall in love with the most influential thing I’ve come across in my life. I remember walking out of that shop, TV by the door playing Almost Round Three, seeing Daewon Song gap from trailer to trailer and thinking it was the most badass thing ever.

This love for skateboarding eventually led me to the love of music I have. So many skate videos that I’ve seen have led me to listen to bands that ended up being my favorites for periods of time. Think of how many songs you know or have on your iPod that you’ve found because of a skate video. There are countless bands out there that would not have as much of a following without skateboarding. Think about it: You watch a video, love the song, show your buddy, he tells his girlfriend, she loves it, she tells her friend, and from there on out it gets to someone who would never had heard it. I think that is so awesome.

As I got more and more into skateboarding, through high school, my music taste changed quite a bit. I jumped around from punk rock and hardcore, to rap, then metal, to alternative and eventually what most people label as indie rock. And that is where I am now. With the passing of time, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of music more and more. I recently (two years ago, in July) got into playing the guitar. That opened up another perspective for me. I listen to music and now it’s more than just enjoyment: I’ll wonder how these musicians are coming up with these sounds and how they’re piecing together this soundscape. I’ve gotten intrigued with a certain riff, or a line that stands out to me, and I’ve tried picking it apart. I think it’s so awesome to see things in a different light like this, the same way that skateboarders would see a set of stairs with a handrail differently than your typical pedestrian. I just love how music and skateboarding go hand in hand. Its a good feeling to look back and see how much music I’ve found because of skateboarding and how many artists I’ve helped support because of skateboarding.

Here’s Daryl Angel skating to Twelve Roses, by Beach Fossils.

It’s funny to see how much influence skateboarding has had on my life. Not only did it introduce me to music, and photography, but I’ve made a lot of friends because of it. Last summer, Tyler Lee, who also works at the shop, and I decided to get together for a jam session. We had always joked about forming a band and playing shows and all that. I never thought it would happen. We jammed and it was super fun. We figured we would do that again sometime. Then one day, a guy named Vince came into the shop looking for bushings for his cruiser. We hit it off, had an interesting conversation about music and skateboarding, and I ended up inviting him to come jam with us one day. When he finally came to play music with us, everything clicked. Playing music made sense. That was the most awesome feeling. I didn’t know Tyler so well previous to this and I didn’t know Vince at all, but now they are two of my best friends. We play in a band together now and creating music is one of the most satisfying experiences. And I owe it all to skateboarding.

So thank you skateboarding, for all of the awesome things you have introduced me to. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you.

Our band, Space Orphan, is playing a show at the Masquerade on March 2nd, 2013 for the Wicked Winter Fest. We would love it if you guys would come out and have fun with us. We’ll have more details on this next week. You can come get tickets from me or Tyler Lee starting next week. Thanks!

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