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Mini Riot Highlights

The Mini Riot went off! Thanks to everyone for coming out and shredding in the cold.  Check the video above for highlights.

Ambush 24 Hour Challenge Entries and Results

Well, I think it is pretty safe to say that the Ambush Video Challenge (formerly 24 hours, changed to 60 hours due to weather) was a huge success.  Eleven teams with a total of 66 skaters showed up the morning of April 27th and spent the rest of the weekend out in the streets doing what they do best.  A huge thanks goes out to our sponsors, Deluxe Distribution and Lowcard Magazine, for holding us down with prizes for the winners; but most of all thanks to everyone who entered.  It was really awesome to see so many people out skating and having fun the way it should be done. None of this could have happened with out ya’ll.  So scroll down, check out all the entries, and if you didn’t enter we better see you next time!

Probably the youngest team in the whole contest.  A fun mix of skating and goofing off.

Been seeing a lot of these guys in the shop for a while.  Really cool to see kids still skating a lot of the spots my crew and I grew up skating.  These dudes are lucky they didn’t get busted skating under the Georgia dome!

RAZZLE DAZZLE! These dudes killed it. Sick intro, skated in the rain, and they even had their own original track! Shout out to the Blaq Lamb!

One of my personal favorites, the Cartersville crew came through with some true raw street skating and crusty unique spots.  Going fast and making use of what you got is what skateboarding is all about and these guys definitely showed that with their entry.

Another loyal crew, always in and out of the shop, Salty Eskimo took home the third place honors.  They had some sick creative lines, and by far the crispiest most HD footage of the whole contest.  I could probably learn a thing or two from these guys on how to use my new camera!  Be on the look out for the last trick, its a doozy.

Wow.  Team Surya is gnarly.  Our 2nd place winners went the biggest and most technical at some of the most recognizable spots in Atlanta.  The whole team crushed, but Joey Robish really stood out, dropping some serious hammers, all in a days work.  You should all go check out their brand new video that just came out Better Days 2, it is heeeaaavyy.

It was a really tough call choosing first and second place, but after many viewings and second opinions from Ambush team riders we chose RNDB for first place.  Surya went big, but in the end RNDB went the hardest, skating all over town from Kennesaw, Marietta, Dunwoody, Roswell, Alpharetta and everywhere in between.  They skated all weekend with a huge variety of spots, hit parking garages while it was wet, took down some heavy gaps, and TC even grinded up the rail out front of the shop!  All the skating was complemented by great filming, editing, and the perfect amount of hijinx.  Be on the look out for this crew. I have a feeling we will be seeing much more from them for a long time to come.

Thanks again to everyone involved, this will go down as one of the most memorable contests in Ambush history!





24 Hour Video Challenge


Atlanta has a huge scene of skateboarders of all ages and skill levels.  Working at Ambush and gripping all of these people’s boards makes you think “I wonder what goes on when they walk out the door. I wonder if they’re putting their new board to good use.”

Which brings us to the 24-Hour Video Challenge.  This is your chance to get out in the streets and show us how you skate, where you skate,  and have some fun while your at it.  So, check the video and official rules below.  See you there.

K2 “Pop This” Snowboard High Ollie & Ledge Contest

Click for more on K2We’ve joined forces with K2 Snowboarding to bring the “Pop This” High Ollie & Ledge Contest to metro Atlanta. It all goes down Saturday, January 12 at 7:00pm in the Ambush parking lot. Snow will be brought in for the event.

Registration is open inside Ambush and is $5 to enter. Call the shop for details 770-420-9111.

• 1st Place (combined score): A K2 Fastplant snowboard • 2nd Place (combined score): $100 Ambush Gift Card • 3rd Place (combined score): A schwag bag of K2 and Ambush gear.

Click for more from K2For more than two decades, K2 Snowboarding has set the industry standard for technical innovation and manufacturing supremacy. As one of the world’s leading snowboard brands, K2 is credited with introducing pivotal technologies such as Rocker, Flatline, Eco-conscious construction, as well as the patented K2 Conda boot and Auto binding advancements. K2 Snowboarding’s success is anchored by an unyielding commitment to the sport on all levels.

More from K2 Snowboarding at Ambush

The [re]aWAKEning

Ambush Board Co. has always pushed the realm of possibilities for wakeboard contests. We were the first in Georgia to host a legitimate wakeboard contest series (BYOB Wakeboard Contest Series), the first to host a wintertime wakeboard event (The Polar Bear Wakeboard Contest), the first to put on a wakesurf only tournament (Georgia Wakesurf Championships), and first to bring about a contest based entirely on riding doubles (Ambush Doubles Contest).

Then, we took a hiatus. No boat meant no contests. It was a slow and painful two summers. Now, thanks to Nautique, we are back and poised to bring you The [re]aWAKEning.

The wait is over. Register online to become a part of another historical Ambush wakeboard event. Space is limited so sign up now.


Vans Catch The Bus Tour!

To kick off the release of the huge new Spring ’12 Vans apparel and shoe line, Vans sent the tour bus down to chill with us all day. Vitamin Water was there for the fun too which was much needed since it was molten hot all day.

We’ve chilled with Rob Dyrdek, we’ve hosted Baker, Fallen, Mystery, Real and many more, but on Saturday we got to hang with Ray Barbee, one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. OF ALL TIME! And the man couldn’t have been any cooler.

When I arrived, the parking lot and store were all ready out of control. With 20% off Vans products all day what would you expect? I whipped out the old Stevie Williams Ramp Logic box and the ledge slashing began immediately. Vans kicked off the contests with a best trick on the box, then gave out some free shoes to the kid with the most busted pair on his feet. A whole van full of product was given away throughout the day and the kids were hyped.

To top the day off, Vans grilled up some hotdogs while Ray Barbee signed his name a thousand times and sent the shredders off with a bag full of goodies. A big thanks to Vans and their crew for making Saturday a blast. If you missed it on Saturday, don’t beat yourself up too much. Just pop in the next chance you get. Ray Barbee won’t be here but all the sick new Vans shoes and apparel will be.

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