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Mazza Mondays: Fishing and Skating – It’s Summer Time

Here’s to another Mazza Monday.

A lot of fishing has been going on this summer. You can catch me on the water with Josh, Charlie, CatNip, and Max. We have been cranking them in. Fake worms, spinner baits, jigs, crank baits all seem to be working good. It’s summer time so the fish are destroying the top water baits, buzz baits, Pop R’s. Weightless worms are my favorite lures as of now. Ok, enough of the fishing BS.

Me with a Bass

Me with a Bass


Josh with a Big Ol Catfish

Josh with a Big Ol Catfish


Not only has the summer brought a bunch of fishing, it as well has brought a bunch of good skating! Even in this heat, we are out there all day long sweating our asses off ’til the sun goes down. This summer has been awesome! Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Kickflips, Back Tails, Back Smiths, beers, the beach, and friends. I can’t ask for anything better.


CatNip Melon Blast

CatNip Melon Blast

Josh BS Smith BellSouth

Josh BS Smith BellSouth


Also, Stormy was able to hook it up with a pair of the new SpitFire F4 wheels. I got the 54mm 101s and boy they are insane! Powersliding is like gliding on ice with these wheels. Not to mention they’re fast as hell too! I’ve never had so much fun bombing hills until I got to try them. Everybody needs to get a set as soon as they’re released! They are not for beginners. Haha, they are some intense wheels.


Spitfire Formula 4s 54mm 101a

Spitfire Formula 4s 54mm 101a

Well, that concludes this Mazza Monday. Ready to go to Nashville this weekend for some more skating!! PEACE.

Mazza Mondays: Last Weekend

Last weekend. Good skating, good times. On the scene this weekend we had the Nashville homies, Baker AM Dee Ostrander, Shane Powell, Ivan Hernandez and Cameron Zjveninkieiskes (Can’t spell his last name. Sorry, Cameron) hung out at the shop for a bit then took it to the city for some good skating. Catnip (recently getting hooked up with Think Skateboards) on the scene as well as injured JPSystem there for the support. We had a good successful weekend. All together we got 1 clip! Good weekend I must say.

Lee gave me a set of 52mm sample Ambush wheels to try out. Over the weekend I put them to the test. I must say these new wheels are so much better then the old ones. Whatever formula was used on the old wheels sucked. They worked fine in the streets, but whenever you hit slick terrain your going to slide into death. I took these samples to the streets, cement parks, wooden parks and they were awesome everywhere.

To end off the weekend good ol’ Buddin came over Sunday night to the Shady Lane. Max had just arrived home and I must say his broke ass was stoked to see what Kevin brought. Let’s leave it at that.

Now it’s Monday and I gotta listen to this dude.


Catnip Thinkin’


Injured JPSystem


Dee Ostrander backside flip Atlanta, GA




Sorry we like to party!!

This past weekend, Ambush sponsored an event unlike our usual mad house Game of Skate, or our gnarly wakeboard competitions. This time it was fueled by hott babes, snowboard product, and well, a little bit of vodka.  What happens when all of these things come together? The Snow Jam. The Snow Jam was a fashion show we held at Tongue and Groove located in downtown Atlanta. Of course with our crew, this unique combination of things leads to a bunch of craziness like crashing bachelorette parties, dancing on random tables, taking off clothing, and chugging bottles of whatever you can find. We have become experienced enough to balance this out with our work we were their to do.

Before we made the journey downtown, Lee, Rhett, and myself stuffed our faces with sushi and sat in a food coma for a few minutes. After a sake bomb, we were ready to go.  Standing at the entrance of Tongue and Groove holding a snowboard we were about to give away, we looked totally out of place. Dressed in some what skated Vans TNT 5’s and a button down to look somewhat classy, wasn’t really enough. Once inside we noticed all of the waitresses were wearing almost nothing, but had some snow gear on, reminding us of home. Our Ambush crew was there, ready for the event.  While the club was gradually filling up with people, Lee and myself get bored. What better to do than crash some bachelorette party?…Well nothing at the time I guess. Afterwords we were all entertained by an 60 something year old guy tripping on who knows what, cuttin’ the rug all by himself for hours on end.

The event actually starts, models come out walking the runway, and that outerwear has never looked so good. Its one thing to see it hanging on a rack all day, but when a smokin’ hott model puts it on, there is something different about it. Who woulda thought right?


Is this the dress code?We were armed with a V.I.P. section and several bottles of Grey Goose. Things get fuzzy for me after this point, but Kline was ripping clothes off of himself, I was apparently dancing on tables, Derick was throwin’ down with his bro’s, Lee was documenting the night with the camera for the rest of the world to see, and the event was a success.



As former Ambush employee, Rees, would have said, “Sorry we like to party!”

Hella Gnarly Pool Tournament


The drunker you get…the worse you play pool. The worse you play pool…the drunker you get.

“Team building” has always taken on a weird form at Ambush. Last time we got together, we shot a bunch of guns. For some reason, no one wanted to shoot the target at center mass. Everyone was aiming at the poor criminal looking guy on the target’s crotch.

The time before that, Jordan got us in trouble. This time, it was win or barf.






At least I didn’t have the distinction of being eliminated in the first round of the Hella Gnarly Pool Tournament. Those that did ended up praising the porcelain god before the night was over. The tournament started with 36 of Ambush’s finest pool players. First place was $100 cash (suddenly upped to $200 by a less than sober Chuck), second place was a Shake Weight, and third through 36th was just more time to binge.






Everyone was super competitive while they were in the tournament. Once they were eliminated, it was time to do something horrific while mocking the Shake Weight.






The semi-finals pitted Ambush’s determined owner, Chuck Morrow against an always mellow Chris Richardson and Mike “Pool Shark” Myers against Danny Peterson. I’m sure the semi-finals matches were brilliant displays of billiards excellence…but I was too busy watching Jordan and Brock sing a duet to “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the karaoke machine. Mike and Chuck advanced to the finals.

After an inspiring game, Mike was victoriously crowned the Hella Gnarly Pool Tournament Champion.

Unveiling Vail

Number one. Ask anyone who has been around the snowboard game for any amount of time and they’ll tell you Vail is the best mountain in the world. You may find a couple of contrarians that would prophesize that Whistler has better terrain or Powder Mountain has better snow…and they would probably be right. However, no mountain has a better total package. The size and scope of the mountain, the amount of snow, the quality of the parks, and the variety of the terrain all adds up to one amazing experience. So when the opportunity arose for my brother and I to spend a few days shredding the peaks of Vail, we immediately booked our tickets and jumped on a plane.

5,289 acres. Vail is massive. In contrast, Cataloochee (my local mountain), is only 15 acres. Vail is roughly the same size as the entire city of Kennesaw, GA, the birthplace of Ambush Board Co. That’s one big playground. Translation: heaven for snowboarders. It took us nearly two days and over 12 hours to ride the entire mountain. If we spent the amount of time in the park that we wanted to/should have…we may never have seen the whole thing.

60,136 vertical feet. According to Vail’s Epic Mix app, that’s the total distance in height we rode in a little more than 15 hours. 60,136 vertical feet. That’s the equivalent of riding from the peak of Mt. Everest down to sea level twice…plus 2,000 feet. We rode more than 11 miles straight down. Who knows how much the total distance was (although we estimated approximately 30 miles). Our bodies were snowboard starved and we feasted like it was our final meal.

Twenty-nine inches. Denver didn’t want the snow. The city had business to conduct, an airport that needed to function, and a population intent on making it’s way to work and school. Vail was starving for snow. The mountain had yet to completely open, which is incredibly rare for early February. It was the storm of the winter and it was heading right towards us. We couldn’t wait for the squall line to wallop Vail and deliver two feet of snow on a silver platter. We could almost taste the powder we would score the next morning. Only the storm never came…not to Vail at least. The following morning Denver employed 82 snow plows to clear the streets while Vail remained untouched. Most  snowboarders would have been frustrated. But…living in the South has made us unbelievably appreciative of any snowfall we can get. It was a treat just to be out there riding at speeds that, due to small, moderately pitched mountains, you simply cannot reach down South.

104 degrees. The perfect temperature for an outdoor jacuzzi. Our tired bodies slumped motionless in the bubbling, steaming bath. We moved only to sip from our beers. In between stoic gazes, we nodded silently to one another in acknowledgement that this was an amazing trip. May all your travels be epic.

Defenders of Awesome Premiere


Awesomeness is in danger everywhere. We must defend it.


Awesomeness was defended last Friday night when Ambush teamed up with Capita to kick off the 2011/12 snowboard season. The evening boasted perfect fall weather, ice cold beer, and, of course, a free Capita Stairmaster to one lucky winner. Special thanks to all who came out to start their snowboard season at Ambush.


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