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Cataloochee Field Trip 2014

It’s rare to be at Cataloochee Ski Resort on a sunny bluebird day without the snow cannons blaring. Needless to say we mounted up the GoPro took full advantage.

Riders include Lane Jordan, Lee Elliott, Eric Jefferson, Cole Vanhoff, and Wes Lembo.

Fresh wax leads to better tracks!

Jay Jay Patterson Bids Farewell to Atlanta, Joins Ambush Alumni

Jay Jay's last big hurrah at Nick's Back Porch.Today marks a bittersweet landmark in the Ambush timeline.  Jay Jay Patterson, one of the most influential personalities we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, has officially flown South to Miami on a one way ticket.

“I came to the company in 2003, a scrawny kid with an awkward voice that loved skating,” Jay Jay explains.  “I was forced to challenge myself and will continue to do so.”

For those who don’t know, Jay Jay is the type of person who doesn’t set personal barriers for himself.  He goes out and gets what he wants and if he can’t, he figures out how.  That’s exactly what he’s doing now.  Thanks for everything JJ, we wish you all the success in the world. Read More >

Ambush Mini Riot Presented by Red Bull – Full Recap

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.52.40 PMPeak retail season is over. The hard work is done and Mazza Mondays are back in full force. There is no better way to start off 2014 than with an awesome mini ramp contest! Early morning yawns and 30 degree weather aren’t enough to stop skateboarders from coming out to compete for $500 bucks! Huge thanks to Red Bull for putting the contest together and Jonah Owings from Hazard County Skatepark  for constructing a flawless mini ramp!

This is how the contest worked: two divisions (Cruisers and Shredders), 32 skaters in each division, 4 man heats with each rider getting two 45 second runs, and the best one advances. Second place winners earned $250 cash and first place winners earned $500 cash! People from all over came out to compete for that big purse money. Huge thanks to all the people and companies that came out to support the contest. This was probably one of my favorite contests that was have hosted so far. Well that’s enough rambling from me. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking! Read More >

Ambush Mini Riot Contest

Ambush Board Co. Mini RTiot Red Bull Atlanta Skateboarding

Ambush Mini Riot Presented by Red Bull

Free Mini Ramp Contest

Saturday, January 25th at Ambush Board Co.

$500 Cash Prize for 1st Place/$250 Cash Prize for 2nd Place courtesy of Red Bull

Two Divisions: Cruisers (for those figuring it out) and Shredders (those that have figured it out).

Registration Opens at 10:00 am. First Come; First Served. No Exceptions. Must be 15+ Years Old to Enter.
Sign up with a Red Bull representative on site at Ambush Board Co.

32 Skaters Max Per Division. Free T-Shirt for all Competitors.

Prelims and Semi-Finals have four skaters skating in two 30-second runs each. The best run moves on to the next round.
Judging based on style, trick difficulty, and air (if applicable). Read More >

Sheckler Sessions in Atlanta

A couple weeks back while in town for the grand opening of the Kennesaw Skatepark, Ryan Sheckler and Zered Bassett linked up with locals Justin Brock and David Clark among others to skate some spots here in town. Check it all out here in the latest Sheckler Sessions Ep. 8 courtesy of Red Bull.

More video of Ryan Sheckler in town with Torey Pudwill

Memory Lane with Jordan Smith

Yes, those are skin tight white pants, and that is what Old 4th Ward park looked like before it was turned into a sanctioned skate zone.  Take a look back with Ambush rider Jordan Smith and his part from the 2008 video, SEC 2: SEC Strikes Back.  Learn more about the spots he misses, denial of his ginger heritage, and other poor fashion choices in the first installment of Memory Lane.

Good Times N Great Oldies – Episode 1

Welcome to the first installment of a new segment called “Good Times N Great Oldies”.  Spend a day out in the streets with the Ambush Board Co team doing what they do best.

Featuring: Dustin Hart, Gary Sargent, Zeke Logan, and Dakota Plumley.


Mazza Monday: Another Monday

It’s still summertime and I’m living the good life.

Last weekend I rode the MegaBus up to Nashville, TN with Max and CatNip. Boy was that a good time. We did a lot of skating, met the Fully Torqued RV Tour guys and partied our asses off. To give you the info on the Fully Torqued RV Tour, it’s Clint Walker’s RV that he is living in for a whole year. Clint is traveling the U.S with people from the Ambig and Birdhouse teams. Clint Walker, Clive Dixon, Dirty the Photographer, Trevor Vaughan and filmer Trevor Owens were all out on the road together. Clint has a cousin that lives in the boonies of TN with a bunch of land. So, Clint was nice enough to pack the RV full of the three of us and all the Nashville homies and take us out there. Chugging, grilling out and shooting mad fireworks! It was an awesome time. Big thanks to Clint! Read More >

Deck Specks Atlanta

Deck Specs at Ambush Board Co.Atlanta based sunglasess brand Deck Specks is pioneering the avante-garde approach to creating eco-friendly sunglasses. Made from recycled and reclaimed skateboards, these unique frames boast unmatched originality and a highly fashionable look. But, even though the guys are frontrunners in the art of DIY sunglass production, the sustainable approach comes with it’s own unique set of obstacles.

“It’s more than just making sunglasses,” part owner, Luke Bullard explains. “We wouldn’t be able to run a business if it weren’t for all the kids in Atlanta skateboarding.”

The guys rely on the local skate scene to supply the skateboards used to make the frames. The old decks are then cut out, sanded, and transformed into unique one-of-a-kind sunglasses whose look has created quite a buzz in ATL. Read More >

2013 Hyperlite Experience