Space Orphan is not a Bastard

Do orphanages still exist? Do down-and-out parents still discard their children in to massive bastard compounds filled with wicked orderlies torturing unsuspecting outcasts? Well, if those awful places do exist, and those said children grew up to belt out indie, stoner, singer/songwriter, jam rock tunes, I think we can all agree that those orphanages would be pretty cool.

What I am getting at is Space Orphan can wail. If you missed them play this weekend, you blew it. But, judging by the set they played last Saturday, you’ll be able to catch the trio soon.

Space Orphan (from L to R: Tyler, Ruben, Vince)

If you want to pigeon hole the band, Space Orphan is a three-piece indie group with a slight tendency to veer into singer/songwriter’s lane or go off the overpass into a deep, stoner rock ravine. They don’t have a bass player, so Ruben (vocals/guitar) and Vince (guitar/vocals) switch from back and forth from rhythm to lead throughout their songs. Their bass-less sound also makes for some interesting time keeping from Tyler (drums/vocals) without taking texture away from their music. Basically, if Deer Tick knocked up Hawkwind, their illegitimate baby would be Space Orphan.

Space Orphan Slipping into a Trance

Vince Offering His Voice

Ruben Can Rip

I was enjoying the show too much to film the whole thing, so I only filmed this one tune. It’s pretty damn good though. Check it for yourself.

Don’t sleep on these guys. Keep your ear to the streets and see them next time they play. I know I’ll be there.

Enjoy these pics from the night:

Space Orphan Fans

Three Cheers for Space Orphan

Mitch and Marvin Grooving

Ralph, Sean, and Nadia


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