TWS Outliers Is Coming

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year or so, then you already know that the new Transworld video, Outliers, has premiered and will be available on iTunes October 30th.  The dude behind the lens who created this whole project is Chris Thiessen.  Chris is a Georgia native, and grew up skating in and around the metro Atlanta area.  With that being said, Chris brought all the skateboarders involved with the video to Atlanta a couple times, and they destroyed some local spots.  I was lucky enough to see an advanced screening of the video, and there is a ton of local Atlanta footage spread throughout the video.  Not sure if you guys follow Transworld via social media, mainly Instagram, but they have been posting some pretty rad outtakes from the video.  It just so happens that almost all of the outtake Instagram videos are of Atlanta spots.  Not sure if he did this on purpose or not, but Chris is definitely showing some love for Atlanta skateboarding by posting all of these.


Shown above is Riley Hawk working hard for a hefty 360 flip over a bump to street that can be found right next to the Georgia Dome.  This spot If you look closely enough you will notice that the car Riley is being towed by is none other than our very own Mazza’s car.  You know, that black explorer with all those stickers covering the back that you always see parked outside the shop, that one.  



This one is Marius Syvanen skating Rec’s Banks in Gwinnett.  A classic spot that has been skated for the last 20+ years.  If you have ever been to this spot then you know how gnarly this backside noseblunt really is.  Where he popped from is super steep, similar to a wallie, and to slap a backside noseblunt on there gives you a perspective on just how good Marius truly is.



Wow, just wow!  Two things: this spot is notorious for being a huge bust, and it is the hallway of a college campus where people are always coming in and out of.  Lee Yankou has always been a personal favorite of mine, but DAMN!  Seeing his other video parts would always get me hyped, and then seeing what he was capable of at spots I had skated before was nuts.  This wallride pull off is about as gnarly as it could possibly get at this marble 10 stair on the Georgia Tech campus.
This is a video you should not sleep on.  Outliers is definitely my favorite transworld video in the past couple years.  Not only is there a ton of Atlanta spots being ripped to shreds, but there are a lot of cool nods to older transworld videos that Chris Thiessen did a wonderful job of bringing back to life.  Cheers Chris.  You killed it player!


Interested in finding some of these spots?  Stop by the shop and ask someone.  We won’t bite.

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