Shaun White Lands Double Cork 1440

Shawn White recently unveiled a new trick dubbed “The Gold Snatcher” aka double cork 1440. Watch Shaun land the trick for the first time at a private halfpipe in Perisher, Australia, crawling with GoPro Hero 3s.

Fresh Wax Leads to Better Tracks

We’ve all experienced it. You’re at the top of the mountain with all of your buddies when someone yells out “Hey! Let’s all race to the bottom!”. All of you start talking trash about who is going to be first down the mountain as you line up and get ready for take off. Soon after, you realize it won’t be you that comes in first.

Don’t be that guy. Blow past your friends by keeping your board waxed and tuned to perfection. You know what they say; fresh wax leads to better tracks. Or, a smooth base wins the race. Or, an edge like a razor cuts like a laser. Actually, nobody says that crap. But, everyone agrees that a good wax and tune goes a long way towards making your day on the mountain rad. Read More >

Snowboard Outerwear Tech Guide

Snowboarding can take place in some of the gnarliest conditions on the planet. If you want to ride for hours on end in high altitudes, extreme cold, wind, snow, sleet, or rain, you gotta have the gear to go with it. Even on good weather, blue bird days, its imperative that you have outerwear that will keep you warm and dry. In most cases, the fun you have on the mountain depends on it.

Let’s face it; outerwear is confusing. I constantly hear questions like “what size should I wear”, “what waterproofing rating do I need?”, “what does breathability mean?”, “is this really going to keep me warm”, or my favorite “can’t I just Scotchguard my jeans or wear my jogging pants?”. Read More >

Nike Snowboarding Never Not Premiere

Nike Snowboarding rolled out the red carpet last night for the Southeast premiere of Never Not. The shop took on a movie theater like vibe complete with a popcorn machine, candy, and of course, Never Not.

The two part feature film from was an epic journey through all things snowboarding. Part One focused on the gnarly. Nike snowboarding riders Jed Anderson, Sage Kotsenburg, Halldor Helgason, Nicolas Muller, Justin Benee, and about a half dozen more melted snow with some of the most intense backcountry, street, and park riding ever caught on camera. Part Two illustrated the dichotomy between contest riding and free riding. The former being a training intensive, injury riddled voyage to the deepest emotions victory and defeat can conjure up. The latter presenting snowboarding as a soulful pursuit of ultimate happiness. Simply put, Never Not is snowboarding and snowboarding is exactly what you want it to be. Read More >

Jed Anderson and Nike’s Never Not

A new trend in skateboarding is upon us.  The cliché term “hipster skateboarder” has come to fruition.  Most skateboarders cringe just thinking about what that term means.  What is a hipster skateboarder you ask?  You can see them from a mile away;  tight pants cuffed a good bit above the ankles, some sort of ironic shirt, slicked back hair, some weird shoes, these are some of many characteristics that make up a hipster skateboarder.  When imagining the term the first couple names that come to mind would be Austyn Gillette and Dylan Reider.

While trolling the internet the other day I passed by an unfamiliar name, so of course I had to check it out.  What was brought to my eyes was yet another hipster skateboarder by the name of Jed Anderson.  Jed is Canadian and seems to have spent his fair share of time in New York City.  His wardrobe caught my eyes first, but what followed was an extremely unique trick selection paired with a style that was effortless and carried no hint of being forced or faked.  I really liked the first clip I found of Jed, which lead me to seek more. Read More >

JUST IN: Burton 2014

Although it’s 90°F outside in Atlanta right now, we’re closer than ever to Winter 2014….especially now that the new Burton line has dropped on the site. The new stuff is causing quite a buzz around here. Scroll on down to see what we’re hyped on.

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2014 Burton Nug – $419.95

Park rats rejoice. This potent little number enables you to downsize 8cm to 10cm allowing for more edge control at slower speeds, an easier time balancing on rails, and faster spins. From waist width and flex profile to sidecut and running length, this strain of nuggetry optimizes every element of park riding.





Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 1.52.49 PM




2014 Burton Mission Binding– $199.95 Read More >

Winter X-Games Aspen | Mens Slopestyle Finals

With the hype machine at full blast, the days preceding the X-Games were filled with headlines about the Mark McMorris/Shaun White rivalry that would unfold during the Mens Slopestyle Finals.

Who has the best run? Who will land the cleanest triple cork? Who is Mark McMorris? These were all questions being asked by the masses.

Well, history was indeed made. Mark scored a record breaking 98.00 in Mens Slopestyle clinching gold while Shaun White barely squeaked into the top five. Cheers Mark.

Win an Autographed RIDE Buckwild Snowboard

Register here for a chance to win this RIDE Buckwild snowboard, autographed by pro riders Jake Blauvelt and Seb Toots (among others).

Ride offers innovative Rider-inspired Collections of Snowboards, Boots, Bindings, Outerwear, and quality Helmets, Gloves, and Accessories. We’re a proud to be a RIDE authorized dealer.

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RIDE’s Jake Blauvelt pictured here for “Naturally” *courtesy of Adidas

Ride and Adidas at Ambush Boarding Co. online.

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K2 “Pop This” Snowboard High Ollie & Ledge Contest

Click for more on K2We’ve joined forces with K2 Snowboarding to bring the “Pop This” High Ollie & Ledge Contest to metro Atlanta. It all goes down Saturday, January 12 at 7:00pm in the Ambush parking lot. Snow will be brought in for the event.

Registration is open inside Ambush and is $5 to enter. Call the shop for details 770-420-9111.

• 1st Place (combined score): A K2 Fastplant snowboard • 2nd Place (combined score): $100 Ambush Gift Card • 3rd Place (combined score): A schwag bag of K2 and Ambush gear.

Click for more from K2For more than two decades, K2 Snowboarding has set the industry standard for technical innovation and manufacturing supremacy. As one of the world’s leading snowboard brands, K2 is credited with introducing pivotal technologies such as Rocker, Flatline, Eco-conscious construction, as well as the patented K2 Conda boot and Auto binding advancements. K2 Snowboarding’s success is anchored by an unyielding commitment to the sport on all levels. Read More >

Get Fitted – Snowboard Boots Done Right

Snowboard boots are the most important part of your set-up. I know, boots are not as sexy as the snowboard itself. Boots don’t have neato looking gadgets like your bindings, and they definitely won’t make as much of a fashion statement as your outerwear. So what. You better get a good pair or all of that other stuff won’t matter one bit.

Your boots serve three main purposes: to keep your feet warm, act as the main power transfer point between your body and your board, and ensure that your knees, ankles, and feet are safe and secure. If your boots don’t fit correctly, your are going to be missing one or all of these functions. Translation: a bad day on the slopes.

Everyone wants to ride comfortably, keep their feet warm and dry, perform well, and go home uninjured at the end of the day. Here is a boot fitting checklist to keep your days on the mountain epic. Read More >