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Jay Jay Patterson Bids Farewell to Atlanta, Joins Ambush Alumni

Jay Jay's last big hurrah at Nick's Back Porch.Today marks a bittersweet landmark in the Ambush timeline.  Jay Jay Patterson, one of the most influential personalities we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, has officially flown South to Miami on a one way ticket.

“I came to the company in 2003, a scrawny kid with an awkward voice that loved skating,” Jay Jay explains.  “I was forced to challenge myself and will continue to do so.”

For those who don’t know, Jay Jay is the type of person who doesn’t set personal barriers for himself.  He goes out and gets what he wants and if he can’t, he figures out how.  That’s exactly what he’s doing now.  Thanks for everything JJ, we wish you all the success in the world.

Jay Jay’s open-letter farewell:

As many of you may or may not know, today is my last day. While snowed in the last 24 hours I’ve had a lot of time to reflect. Something that’s pretty easy to do when you’re trapped on Barrett lakes. I’ve learned so much from all of the past and present employees I’ve had the privilege to work with. I can honestly say for nearly a decade I’ve worked for the raddest company. I can’t think of any other place that would allow their employees to follow their passions and provide them with the tools necessary to excel.

I came to the company in 2003. A scrawny kid with an awkward voice that loved skating. The only thing that has changed is I don’t take cabs to work anymore. From the first day of work to this very moment I’ve been treated like family. I’ve been forced to challenge myself. I’ve been asked to dream. Then, asked to dream bigger. That’s what being apart of Ambush is about. It’s working hard to achieve goals then making bigger more challenging ones. I’ve had the pleasure to be apart of Ambush’s growth from a small shop to an icon. From a simple online catalog to an umbrella of web stores.

All of the skills I have learned from my time with Ambush have helped me grow personally and professionally. These are life skills I’m going to take with me forever along my journey. I urge any new employee to be a sponge. Try to absorb as much from this group as you can. You’ll learn so much from everyone, and I mean everyone. There are gems all over the place. You’ve just got to pick them up.

It’s a bummer I won’t be apart of Ambush’s next steps, but I’m eager to see where you guys go next. I’ll be keeping a watchful eye, and I expect big things! Please continue to keep dreaming big and sharing your passions. ‘Never be afraid to get weird’

Forever grateful,
James ( Jay Jay ) Patterson

Jay Jay, I’m sure whatever life goal you’ve set for yourself will be easily achieved with your infectious tone and positive outlook on life.  We hope to see you sooner than later, friend!

We’ve assembled some of Jay Jay’s most memorable moments here on the blog. Scroll down to witness ten years of @JPIVEY madness!

Yep, that happened at the old Lenny's.

Who can forget this moment at Lenny’s tho? R.I.P.

Classic Rock n' Roll, published in various industry mags as a full-page BuySkateShoes.com ad.

Classic Rock n’ Roll, published in various industry mags as a full-page BuySkateShoes.com ad.

Jay Jay Patterson, multi-tasking customer service wizard.

Jay Jay’s old office. This was featured on a CheapSk8Shoes outbound emailer promoting DC Shoes.

Jay Jay getting vertical on the old miniramp.

Jay Jay getting vertical on the old miniramp for a BuySkateShoes.com ad.

Jay Jay and Jarren Benton

Jay Jay with good friend and rising hiphop artist, Jarren Benton.

Jay Jay can tie a shoe in 1.8 seconds

Fun Fact: Jay Jay can lace and tie a Dunk High in 1.8 seconds.

Jay Jay Patterson Stalefish

A young Jay Jay boosting a nice melan above the coping in…DRESS SHOES!?

Jay Jay Patterson's Last Stand at Ambush Board Co. Mini Riot

Typical Jay Jay.


Racked ✈ Flying South

The centerpiece for this outfit is the squakers button up by RVCA. The dark reds, greens, and browns in the shirt make it easy to match while the gray-themed accessories bring it all home. The deck specs are the icing on the cake.

See below for links

Brixton Fiddler Hat ($34) Brixton Mason Standard Fit Tee ($20) RVCA Squakers Button-Up Shirt ($58) Levis 513 Straight Fit Jean ($64) Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Backpack ($55) New Balance Quincy Shoes ($65) Stance Rockland Sock ($14) Volcom Flug Wallet ($25) Deck Specs Sunglasses ($95)

*complete outfit available in-store

Racked – Fall Accessories

Save time and angst by incorporating functional accessories into your wardrobe. Here we’ve gathered all the proper necessities for a day out on the streets either skating or sidewalk surfing.

New season, new accessories.

Now available at Ambush Boarding Co.

Ambush Boarding Co. Puff Beanie ($20) The Hundreds Jon Bag ($59) Vans Era ($50) Nixon Quad Watch ($125)  Stance Harlow Sock ($10) Von Zipper Thurston Sunglasses ($100) Ambush Boarding Co. Come And Take It Pocket Tee ($23) Ambush Board Co. Party With Us Flask ($15)

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Deck Specks Atlanta

Deck Specs at Ambush Board Co.Atlanta based sunglasess brand Deck Specks is pioneering the avante-garde approach to creating eco-friendly sunglasses. Made from recycled and reclaimed skateboards, these unique frames boast unmatched originality and a highly fashionable look. But, even though the guys are frontrunners in the art of DIY sunglass production, the sustainable approach comes with it’s own unique set of obstacles.

“It’s more than just making sunglasses,” part owner, Luke Bullard explains. “We wouldn’t be able to run a business if it weren’t for all the kids in Atlanta skateboarding.”

The guys rely on the local skate scene to supply the skateboards used to make the frames. The old decks are then cut out, sanded, and transformed into unique one-of-a-kind sunglasses whose look has created quite a buzz in ATL.

Recycled skateboards.

Frames waiting for lenses.

For more on Deck Specs, check out their website or come into the shop and try a pair on today. You can also find the guys on Instagram at @deckspecks

Now available at Ambush Board Co.

Sick Picks – What We Like

The day’s delivery comes in. The crew all gravitates to the shipment as if the boxes have some sort of magnetic pull. Mostly, everyone wants to take a mental inventory of what we just got in. Others want to poke fun. But, every once in a while, we get some products in that really speak to us. You know, the ones that really get you pumped to ride. This week’s picks are pretty diverse, but I guess that is expected from a crew with a bunch of unique interests.

Sean Hance – Lib Tech TRS
“C2 is for me too. I love the rocker/camber combo. Grip when you need it, forgiveness when you don’t.”


Lee Elliott – Gnaraloo SUP
“I can’t wait to take my little grom out on the lake this summer, plop him on the nose of this thing, and tool around the water.”


Marvin Siclait – Vans Half Cab Pro
“Doz is fat”.


Stormy Pruett – Lowcard Coach Jacket
“Thanks for the bar tab, Freddy”.


Tyler Lee – Zero Thomas Bullet Cruiser
“This is my version of gun control”

Mazza Mondays: SEC3 or DIE

What’s up? Sunday funday the boys and I headed over to 4th Ward Skatepark in Atlanta, GA for the annual Jay Buck Jam. Jay was a good friend to all the legends in Atlanta who unfortunately is not with us anymore. So, we have a day where we skate our ass off just for him. We ate some good food, talked with some good people and enjoyed the high ollie contest in which Catnip is the man and flew way high in the air to victory. He got a pretty sweet custom piece of a deck, a good ol’ 6 pack of talls, and a warm welcome by Jeremiah Babb to the Bender Hardware family.

“…I’ve known this dude for a long time. Always thought,
“Catnip?! What the fuck kinda name is that?” His friends
laughed at me and no one has ever told me a straight
answer. Doesn’t matter though. Kid destroys! You’d
never guess all the power that comes out of that quiet,
short kid. 70″ ollie off the 16″ kicker at the Jay Buck Jam.
Skateboarding man. This kid loves it. The times, they
are a changing…Bender is down for him…”
-Words by: Jeremiah Babb

SEC3 is dropping in exactly 5 days! Make sure you get your day requested off and come out for an awesome video premiere! Saturday, November 17th at the Plaza Theater 1049 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA 30306. Be ready to get drunk and watch some amazing skateboarding!

Other good news, well not good but whatever, is the Explorer broke over the weekend. So, I’m stuck here at the shop! But hey, come by and check out our SICK Spitfire X Ambush Board Co. collaboration wheel. I haven’t tried a set out myself but they are RAD!

15th Anniversary Tee Shirt Design Contest

Art and action sports have been inseparably linked since the beginning. In the 1950s and 60s, surf cinematographers like Bruce Brown solicited world renowned artists to create their film posters. In the 1970′, the Dogtown and Zephyr Surfboard Productions boys relied on the eclectic art of Craig Stecyk to reflect their vision of skateboarding. Currently, Alien Workshop is issuing graphical board series from legendary artists Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.

In celebration of our 15th Anniversary, we are following suit (although on a much more grassroots scale). The 1st Annual Ambush T-shirt Design Contest was an invitation for local Atlanta artists to come up with the next Ambush T-shirt. And, after sifting through dozens of entires, we proudly announce this year’s winner: Damian Bradley.

Damian Bradley is an illustrator and graphic designer from Riverdale, Georgia. He is the proprietor of jackofarttrades.com and has designed graphics for America’s Best Dance Crew, 8&9 Clothing, and a multitude of others.

The T-shirt design will be available for purchase at Ambush and on AmbushBoardCo.com in early October. We at Ambush want to give Damian a major shout out for his winning design. For his efforts, Damian has rewarded with a $100 Ambush gift card, a set of the ultra-limited edition Skullcandy x Ambush Boarding Co. 15-year Anniversary Aviator, a serious bag of Ambush schwag, and a grip of his winning tee for himself, friends, and family.

Congratulations, Damian. Maybe you will be the next Stecyk, Warhol, or Haring.

New Year’s Resolutions


I have stuck with exactly zero New Year’s Resolutions. That’s not to say I haven’t made any positive life changes. I just haven’t been able to make any life changes based on a random calendar day. But this year, for the sake of “I told you so’s”, I am going to give it a go. My New Year’s Resolution: To ride more. Shocking isn’t it. It shouldn’t really be that hard, right? It’s not like I am trying to quit smoking or lose weight. I’m not trying to get an advanced college degree or hike Mount Everest. I am just trying to ride more. So why does this resolution seem so difficult to attain?

Life is merely a collection of seconds. Actually, life is a collection of millions of seconds strung together. My definition of living life to the fullest is using those seconds wisely to create the best possible experience. As we get older we add more things to our lives. More responsibilities at work, rent/mortgages, bills, family, etc. These things take up a bunch of those seconds leaving precious few for skateboarding, snowboard, and surfing. In essence, my New Year’s Resolution is to manage those seconds more carefully to ensure that I can shred more. Managing time is one of life’s most difficult aspects. I think I am up to the task…especially when the rewards are so great.

Here are the rest of the guys’ resolutions:

Stormy Pruett – “skate more and pay my car down”






Brian Johnson – “go back to school”






Jake Roberts – “why wait until New Year’s to make a resolution?”






Charlie Brown – “skate more and stop being lazy”






Max Yoder – “have a good time and drink more water”


Being sponsored has become the holy grail of action sports. Some kids try their whole lives to get sponsored. Some succeed…some don’t. What if you could suddenly wave a magic wand get sponsored right now? Which company would you want to be sponsored by? What is your dream brand that you are dying to rep? Well…we asked the Ambush guys that same question.


Brian: Vans – “‘Cause you don’t have to buy clothing and shoes and s#!t. They got sweet flannels and make everything from skate shoes to snowboard boots.”


Brian’s favorite Vans product: Old Skool ’92 Pro (Ray Barbee/Forest Green)

Jake: Matix – “I like their jeans and they have a good team.”

Jake’s favorite Matix product: Miner Jean (Blue Indigo)


Stormy: Real – “They represent skateboarding. Good boards, good riders.”

Stormy’s favorite Real product: Brock Forever Deck 8.38


Ruben: RVCA – RVCA makes great quality clothing and it looks good. Also, along with sponsoring skateboarders, they support artists and musicians. My faves are the Artist Network Program tees. Their shirts have awesome graphics and are pretty comfy.

Ruben’s favorite RVCA product: Harmony Guitar Tee (Orange)

Brice: Volcom – They are involved in everything. Skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing.

Brice’s favorite Volcom product: Sansur Hoodie (Ebony)

Rise and Shine

Never mind Nyjah Huston, here’s Gary Sargent. Local BroFriend Greg has a board company called DEADSNAKE, and it is sick. Ambush team riders Gary, Rhett, and J.J. are repping Greg’s wood and tearing up spots with it. Check this link to their “Scumbag Beach” promo and get your mind blown. VIDEO

After you are done watching that, go add DeadSnake on Facebook to see regularly posted videos of skateboarding goodness. These guys do it right, so next time you’re in the shop pick up a DeadSnake and support your local lurker.

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