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Dustin RIP

You Will Be Missed Brother

Dustin Hart, a truly special person that left us too soon.  If you ever had the chance to meet him or talk to him, you could tell right away that he was a genuine dude who cared about everyone he ever met.  His heart was pure and you could see that from afar.  In such a short lifetime, Dustin was able to impact the lives of so many through his amazingly friendly personality and phenomenal skateboard talent.  It’s only goodbye for now, not forever.  R.I.P. Dustin Hart.

Dustin Hart
Hometown: Acworth, GA
Height/Weight: 5’8″/125 lbs
Set Up: 8.0 Ambush deck, Indy trucks, Ambush wheels
Shoes: Reynolds Cruisers
Years Skating: Since elementary school.
Favorite Skaters: Arto, Rowley.
Best Skate Trip: Skate Plaza, Ohio.
Interests Outside of Skateboarding: Women.


Travis Glover
Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA
Height/Weight: 5’10″/150 lbs
Set Up: Zoo York 8.25, Thunder 149ers, 53 mm wheels
Shoes: Whatever I can get my hands on at the time.
Years Skating: 10+
Favorite Skaters: Darrell Stanton, Appleyard, Herman.
Best Skate Trip: Canada. It was my first time out of the country.
Interests Outside of Skateboarding: Ragin’ with the homies somewhere.

Stormy Pruett
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Height/Weight: 5’8″/180 lbs
Set Up: 8.25 Creature, Indy trucks, Satori wheels.
Shoes: Nike SB Team Edition
Years Skating: 25+
Favorite Skaters: John Cardiel, John Lucero, Lee Yankou.
Inspiration: The freedom you feel when skating. Friendships.

Mitch Shutters
Hometown: Dallas, GA
Height/Weight: 5’7″/135 lbs
Set Up: Ambush 8.25 deck, Krux trucks, 52 mm OJs, Bones Swiss.
Shoes: Gravis
Years Skating: 9 years
Favorite Skaters: Stormy, Arto Saari, Gilbert Crockett.
Favorite Food: Italian
Shout-outs: BM4K, all the boys at Ambush, S.E.C., honey dips.

Josh Butler
Dallas, GA
Height/Weight: 5’7″/150 lbs
Set Up: Ambush 8.5 deck
Shoes: Vans
Years Skating: 11
Favorite Skaters: J-Babbs, Drew.
Inspiration: S.E.C.

Jordan Smith
Hometown: Kennesaw, GA
Height/Weight: 6’2″/170 lbs
Set Up: 8.25 Organika, Indy 149s, 54 mm Paradise wheels, Bender Hardware, Bones Swiss.
Shoes: Emerica
Years Skating: 12
Favorite Skaters: Matt Mazza, Max Yoder.
Best Skate Trip: Smashville ’cause its high risk and loads of debauchery.
Inspiration: A nice slam is always inspiring.
Interests Outside of Skateboarding: Going to the river and playing pool with the boys.
Best Trend in Skateboarding: Skating all types of terrain.
Worst Trend in Skateboarding: Skate coach parents.
Shout-outs: S.E.C., Drew, Zak, Ben Hayes, Rees Milikin, Jake Mednik, Walker Ryan.

Gary Sargent
Hometown: Acworth, GA
Height/Weight: 5’10″/130 lbs
Set Up: Deadsnake 8.12, Thunder trucks, Satori wheels, Bones Reds.
Shoes: Fallen
Years Skating: 13 years
Favorite Skaters: Jerry Hsu
Favorite Spot: Georgia
Inspiration: Old skate videos

Trey Abad
Dallas, GA
5’6″/130 lbs
Set Up:
Deathwish 8.5, Independent trucks, Pig wheels 54 mm
Years Skating:
10+ years
Favorite Skaters: Geoff Rowley, Tom Penny, Josh Butler.
Favorite Skate Spot: Atlanta.
Shout-outs: S.E.C.

Zeke Logan
Decatur, IL
5’11″/125 lbs
Set Up:
Foundation 8.5 deck, Thunder trucks, Pig 53 mm wheels
Years Skating: 9 years
Favorite Skaters: Catnip (Trey Abad), Brian Herman, Pat Burke.
Favorite Skate Trip: Greenville with all the homies.
Interests Outside of Skateboarding: Basketball, bowling.
Inspiration: Baker 3
Shout-outs: Max Yoder for everything, Foundation and all the Tum Yeto dudes, Tyler Culbertson, Mike Sinclair.


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5 Responses to Ambush Skate Team

  1. Barb Kish says:

    Is there a freestyle street skater that could come to our Cub Scout meeting Tuesday Januray 17th or 24th from 7pm – 8:30pm and do a 10- 20 minute demonstration then help us with our Skateboarding Belt Loop do all
    1. Demonstrate to an adult the general rules for safe skateboarding by showing that you know how to wear the proper safety gear.
    2. Carefully demonstrate how to fall to help minimize injuries.

  2. devon thomson says:

    I have a group of my friends who skate board and they are looking for a sponsorship. We live in McDonough Georgia and we would like to send you guys a video and see if you guys may consider us for your team. You can contact me by email at


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