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Game of Skate 21


“The best part about Game of Skate is getting the community together for a fun day of skateboarding”.

– Stormy Pruett


Yep. That’s what Game of Skate is all about. Twenty-one times we have amassed the local skate scene into the Ambush parking lot in an effort to bring everyone together for a friendly competition. Sure, this one was a little smaller than some of the other Games of Skate in the past. But, the vibe was one of the best. Those that came were there for the skateboarding, camaraderie, and, of course, to see who can dominate the flat ground. And, the one thing that was proven throughout the day is that everyone has been getting really, really good at skateboarding.



Congrats to our winners:

GOS 21 Beginner Division: 1st Place: Stanley Jackson 2nd Place: Gilberto Flores 3rd Place: Austin Bayne

GOS 21 Beginner Division: 1st Place: Stanley Jackson 2nd Place: Gilberto Flores 3rd Place: Austin Bayne


GOS 21 Intermediate Division: 1st Place: Tito Lara 2nd Place: Anthony Brown 3rd Place: Will Carlan

GOS 21 Intermediate Division: 1st Place: Tito Lara 2nd Place: Anthony Brown 3rd Place: Will Carlan


GOS 21 Advanced Division: 1st Place: Zeke Logan 2nd Place: Mikey Lopez 3rd Place: Tito Lara

GOS 21 Advanced Division: 1st Place: Zeke Logan 2nd Place: Mikey Lopez 3rd Place: Tito Lara


Special thanks to all of our sponsors. The event could not have gone off without you. Extra special thanks to Red Bull, Keith Murray, Christian de Vela, HUF, Andy Webb, Plan B, Element, Jeff Lenoce, Baker, Deathwish, Brad Handle, Real, Anti-Hero, Spitfire, Krooked, Thunder, Granger Clark, Volcom, Trey Womble, Almost, Cliche, Enjoi, Tensor, Danny Leder, Herschel, Stance, Cory Wilkinson, Supra, Krew, Danny Wallace, Foundation, Toy Machine, Peter Karvonen and Faith Skate Supply.

TWS Outliers Is Coming

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year or so, then you already know that the new Transworld video, Outliers, has premiered and will be available on iTunes October 30th.  The dude behind the lens who created this whole project is Chris Thiessen.  Chris is a Georgia native, and grew up skating in and around the metro Atlanta area.  With that being said, Chris brought all the skateboarders involved with the video to Atlanta a couple times, and they destroyed some local spots.  I was lucky enough to see an advanced screening of the video, and there is a ton of local Atlanta footage spread throughout the video.  Not sure if you guys follow Transworld via social media, mainly Instagram, but they have been posting some pretty rad outtakes from the video.  It just so happens that almost all of the outtake Instagram videos are of Atlanta spots.  Not sure if he did this on purpose or not, but Chris is definitely showing some love for Atlanta skateboarding by posting all of these.


Shown above is Riley Hawk working hard for a hefty 360 flip over a bump to street that can be found right next to the Georgia Dome.  This spot If you look closely enough you will notice that the car Riley is being towed by is none other than our very own Mazza’s car.  You know, that black explorer with all those stickers covering the back that you always see parked outside the shop, that one.  



This one is Marius Syvanen skating Rec’s Banks in Gwinnett.  A classic spot that has been skated for the last 20+ years.  If you have ever been to this spot then you know how gnarly this backside noseblunt really is.  Where he popped from is super steep, similar to a wallie, and to slap a backside noseblunt on there gives you a perspective on just how good Marius truly is.



Wow, just wow!  Two things: this spot is notorious for being a huge bust, and it is the hallway of a college campus where people are always coming in and out of.  Lee Yankou has always been a personal favorite of mine, but DAMN!  Seeing his other video parts would always get me hyped, and then seeing what he was capable of at spots I had skated before was nuts.  This wallride pull off is about as gnarly as it could possibly get at this marble 10 stair on the Georgia Tech campus.
This is a video you should not sleep on.  Outliers is definitely my favorite transworld video in the past couple years.  Not only is there a ton of Atlanta spots being ripped to shreds, but there are a lot of cool nods to older transworld videos that Chris Thiessen did a wonderful job of bringing back to life.  Cheers Chris.  You killed it player!


Interested in finding some of these spots?  Stop by the shop and ask someone.  We won’t bite.

Ambush Alumni: Bobby Sattler

Our latest installment of the Ambush Alumni series features Bobby Sattler.  Bobby, just like many of our esteemed alumni, started as your average shop rat gripping boards and vacuuming floors.  Bobby was with us for 4 years, from 2000 to 2004.  From the beginning, Bobby had a knack for graphics and design.  This began in a high school class where he had access to a lab full of G4 Macs, which is impressive for any public school, especially back then.  After graduating high school and taking a semester off to enjoy himself, Bobby found himself enrolled in school again at North Metro Tech (now part of Chattahoochee Tech) for Visual Communications-Print Design Specification.

“After I started college, Chuck (the owner of Ambush) presented an amazing opportunity to me.  One I’m forever grateful for.  The offer was to work on all the graphics for the boards, tees and events and the BuyWake stuff, which had recently launched, while also working the warehouse side with Eric, receiving and entering inventory and making deliveries to the two shops (Kennesaw and Gwinnett).  That was such an invaluable time and experience for me—to be able to go to college for design and work as a graphic designer for Ambush at the same time.”

Bobby Night Life

Pictured Left to Right: Bobby, Anna McFarland, Lee Elliott, Juston Tucker, and Kit Furderer


As he became closer to finishing his degree here in Georgia, Bobby wanted to continue his learning about design, and finally settled on an option to continue his education down in Florida at Full Sail University.

January 2004, I moved to Florida.  The program at Full Sail was quick and intense. It was a two-year degree, squeezed into a fourteen-month period.  Luckily I found a nice balance of school and social life.  School all day and night—creative explorations in the bars afterwards.  March 2005, I graduated from Full Sail.”

Bobby’s plan after college was to make it out to California to be at the heart of the board sports industry.  By the time he had graduated a few of his friends, including none other than fellow Ambush Alumni Juston Tucker and Ryan Dearth, had already made the trek out west and settled in Long Beach, California.  He had been plotting ways to get all of his belongings cross country when an extremely unique opportunity arose.

“While in Florida, through mutual friends, I met another good, longtime friend, Sam Ratto.  At the time Sam worked for DVS and—among many things—was the captain of the Big Red Bus—the company’s event/marketing RV.  Sam also lived in Long Beach, CA.  I called Sam—knowing he was going to be back in Florida soon for an event with the Big Red RV—and pitched him my idea.  I would rent a trailer and when he was done in Florida, I would hop a ride with him in the RV across America—with a tea leaf green Saturn in tow—to California.  June 2005, a day after turning 21, I moved to California.”

Big Red Bus And Bobby's Car

California Or Bust


Shortly after moving into a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 other guys, all from across the country, Bobby learned of an opening at Sole Tech (eS, Emerica, etnies, etc.), and with the help of Dearth and some of his connections was able to get his resume in front of the right people.

“October 2005, I began working at Emerica.  I was at Emerica for about a year, working on different projects like campaign development and design, catalogs and photo shoots.”

Emerica Ad By Bobby

Emerica Ad By Bobby

While at Emerica, Bobby met Craig Metzger.  Craig and Bobby hit it off, and would eventually collaborate together on a different project.  Bobby left Sole Tech around the same time as Craig, and years later Craig became the Creative Director for Element.

“At the time I was working at Quiksilver, in the marketing art department, he called to see if I would be interested in coming to work with him at Element as Sr. Graphic Designer.  March 2008, I began working at Element.”

At Element, he worked on the design and art direction for marketing and sales to develop and design ad campaigns, promotions, in-store artwork, sales catalogs, photo shoots and many other projects.  After two years, he was named Art Director, in charge of seven categories: two men’s apparel categories, two footwear categories, the juniors line “Eden,” boy’s apparel, and skate hardgoods.  Much of the type of the work stayed the same, but he was now the lead, with a team of two designers, for global art direction othat wasn’t related to product—like board and t-shirt graphics.  An added perk to the job was developing campaigns and organizing photo shoots around the world including Alaska and Chile.

Bobby was also in charge of developing, designing, and executing marketing initiatives like Element’s video Future Nature.  Working with marketing team, video guys, and team manager, they envisioned the overall theme of the video. From there all of the visuals had to be designed for everything, the logo, print and digital campaign, promotional posters, on-screen graphics and titles, DVD packaging with a photo book.  Future Nature premiered in 2012 and proved as a jumping point for the careers of many of the Element amateurs that were involved.

Element Future Nature Ads

Element Future Nature Ads

While being forever grateful for the opportunities to work and collaborate with such talented and creative people over at Element, one constant feeling throughout all of his awesome experiences working within the skateboard and board sports industries was to have his own design studio.

“The more time that passed, the stronger the desire became.  So, I put together a rough timeline in my head about when would be a good time to make the jump.  This also gave me time to put some money aside, to support myself at the beginning.  May 2012, I started my own design studio.  Going out on my own was terrifying and exciting.  When I started, I had one client, Santiago Cycling.  A bicycle shop with a focus on road cycling. Other than that, I was trying to figure it all out.”

When asked about his favorite piece or project that he worked on, Bobby’s response was the photo book he worked on with Brian Gaberman, a very well-known and established skateboard photographer.  Over a period of about six months, Bobby and Brian worked on everything from filtering out photos to physical size, paper quality, cover design, materials, and the layout and sequencing of all the photos.  The book, entitled A Life in Transition, came out at the end of 2013.  Check it out!

A Life In Transition

A Life In Transition

Here are a couple of examples from Bobby’s extensive and impressive portfolio.  Find out more about what he’s been up to here.

Linked by Ink: The Ambush x Skinwerks Collab

Craig Foster

Craig Foster

Skateboarding, tattoos, and art have been culturally forged together through decades of avant garde contrarianism, a blunt questioning of societal norms, and a passion for personal expression. The relationship between skateboarding and tattoos can be seen everywhere from board graphics to the amount of ink on the archetypal skater’s body. As skateboarding, art, and tattoos weave in and out of each other’s existence they leave lasting impressions on one another. In Atlanta, none have done that more than Ambush Board Co., Craig Foster, Jules Woods, and Skinwerks Tattoo.

Craig Foster has been in and around skateboarding since 1983. As a young skateboarder growing up, Craig became enamored with the art that adorned the bottoms of skate decks in the 1980s. He still remembers his first few boards: a Schmitt Stix Lucero, Schmitt Stix Grosso, and a Vision Gator. To this day, Craig still drops by the shop regularly to take mental inventory of the latest graphics. The parallels between skateboarding and tattoo artists are apparent though they may not be obvious. Skateboarding has always been about the skater, his board, and what he does with that board. Creativity, style, aggression, and personal expression are hallmarks of a great skateboarder. It’s what sets skateboarders apart and makes you watch the latest web clip over and over again. The same can be said for a tattoo artist and his tattoo gun. A great tattoo artist can put all of his emotions into a design that is inspired by all of yours.

Craig’s personal love affair with art and skateboarding hit a crossroads in 1995 when he started tattooing full time. With a family to support and his only means of making a living laying in his ability to use his hands, Craig put down the skateboard and started focusing on his craft. When you’re a tattoo artist, a broken wrist can put you in the bread lines. It was this unescapable fact that motivated Craig to push his art to greater heights. It was then that Craig began to make a name for himself in the Atlanta tattoo scene.

Ambush and Craig first crossed paths in 1997 when Craig inked up Ambush shop rat and team rider, Chris Delarm. Craig drew a more realist adaptation of Mike Vallely’s Elephant design on the back of Chris’ shoulder. He quickly became known as THE guy to get a tattoo from by nearly all those affiliated with Ambush. Over the years, Ambush employees Brent Houle, Paul Lizon, Charles Chatov, Alecia Sundberg, Cameron McLane, and John Turnbull have all had work done by Craig.

Jules Woods got his first tattoo at the age of eighteen by an artist named John Mihalic. As so often happens in the intimate setting of getting a tattoo, John and Jules became friends. Jules was making art on his own when John asked him to learn the tattoo trade and apprentice under him. Jules’ skills developed quickly and within four months of graduating high school, and less than a year after getting his first tattoo, Jules began tattooing full time.

Jules bounced around tattooing in shops in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, and Tennessee before making his way to West Georgia. In his thirteen years as a professional tattoo artist, Jules has worked in twelve shops picking up influences along the way. Craig and Jules met through a mutual friend named Josh Prentice before he passed away in 2007. Craig and Jules became close while working at a tattoo convention in Richmond, VA shortly after. The shop Jules worked in at the time put on the convention. Their budding friendship became a professional partnership when Jules moved down to Carrollton and became part of the Skinwerks team in February of 2010.

Whereas Craig’s tattoo style in undeniably new school, Jules’ work is more neo-traditional. Jules likes to stylize conventional tattoos with more realistic characteristics. Ask Craig to ink you up with a old-style pirate ship and he will flat out refuse. Request that from Jules, and you’ll get a more realistic and detailed version of a grimy, haunted clipper.

Jules’ philosophy is simple: make art that would look good as a tattoo and make tattoos that would look good as art. After walking around Jules’ workspace, it’s easy to see how he blurs the lines between a living room piece and a chest piece. Craig may be the innovator, but Jules definitely has the talent of a classical artist with a penchant for the gritty.

Craig’s art is a modern nod to a simpler time when tattoos didn’t necessarily have to mean anything. It’s great for tattoos to tell a story, but only if that story isn’t chock full of BS just to pick up chicks. Craig’s tatts incorporate “whimsical characters” that “laugh with a bit of sarcasm”, bold colors, and a strong light source. If you know Craig’s work, you can spot it on a swath of skin from across the room.

It was Craig’s memorable style, ability to perform under pressure, and a recommendation from Jesse Smith (Inkmaster Season 2) that landed Craig a spot on Inkmaster Season 3. Craig’s dichotomous experience on Inkmaster was replete with both Yin and Yang. As you might expect, reality TV is not exactly real. If a producer needed Craig to have a bad day, they would send in a client to intentionally push him to madness. The producers sculpted reality into the outcomes that they felt would make for good TV through editing and creating situations from nothing. Craig’s goal in agreeing to do the show was to open viewers’ eyes to what a genuine tattoo artist was actually like. Knowing from watching the previous season, Inkmaster was, either inadvertently or by design, portraying tattoo artists as obnoxious, cocky, hot headed, Jersey Shore types. Craig wanted to show America and beyond that this was not the way he viewed the tattoo industry and wanted you to experience his world through his actions on the show. The producers eventually saw the wisdom in his approach and let him do his thing.

Since Inkmaster, Craig has been continuously bombarded with appointment requests. In the months after the show aired, his waiting list exceeded 200 people. At one point, Craig had to stop taking on new customers.

Craig had always had a creative itch that seemed like it may never be scratched. It’s not often that clients offer up their skin to your personal ambitions. Most customers micro manage the tattoo process to the point of nausea for the artist. Craig needed an outlet to do something fun and on his own terms. What came out of it was Snactoos. Snactoos is a playful mix of junk food and comic book characters. In Craig’s mind, sushi is always possessed, ice cream and corn dogs are maniacal, and doughnuts want to be your best friend. And those quirky Snactoos characters have caught on making a nice little side business for the Inkmaster. He has even put a few on some people’s skin.

Craig & Lee

Craig & Lee


So, in celebration of our two distinct yet congruent brands moving in harmony with one another over the years,  we announce the Ambush x Skinwerks collaboration. Craig Foster has created a signature Ambush Board Co. Snactoo to go along with his Mr. Yellow Tail design. Both are featured on a pair of Ambush skateboard decks and matching tee shirts. Jules laid out his Torch art on a baseball tee and his Skull piece on a tee shirt. Both have complimenting decks as well.

Ambush Snactoos

Ambush Snactoos

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you.  LTD Shirts available online NOW!

2014 Street League Atlanta Pro Demo at Kennesaw Skatepark

This past Saturday, September 13th, 2014, the Kennesaw Skatepark hosted its very first Street League event.  Street League was kind enough to send out 4 of their top Pro’s, including Paul Rodriguez, Ishod Wair, Tom Asta and Chaz Ortiz, to come and put on a demo for the local crowd.  Oh, and our boy Justin Brock was out there having fun too! Watching these guys on TV is one thing, but witnessing their talent in person is jaw-dropping.  Big thanks to Street League, Cricket Wireless and the Kennesaw Skatepark for making this all happen!  Check out some photos and our recap video filmed by Matt Mazza.

Ambush Alumni: Juston Tucker

The Ambush family strives to build and cultivate the local community and give people an opportunity to do what they love.  As stated in the previous Ambush Alumni post with Ryan Dearth, we have been so lucky to have such an amazing group of people come through our doors and work with us.  Allow us to introduce another one of them to you!

Juston Tucker

Juston Tucker (right) with fellow Ambush alum, Bobby Sattler (left)

Meet Juston Tucker.  Juston grew up 20 minutes from the shop in the Acworth area, and worked for us between 2000 and 2002.  Shortly after leaving Ambush, Juston moved to California and began working in the marketing deprtment for Podium Distribution.  Podium Distribution, at the time, was the home of DVS, Lakai and Matix.  Juston left marketing and now designs footwear full time.  When asked about how he made the switch from marketing to footwear design Juston said:

“I was working in the marketing department at Podium and one of my good friends was the design director for footwear.  He asked me to help color up some shoes for the season. Everyone really liked my vision, and my approach, so they offered me a full-time footwear job a few months later.”

Since then, Juston has designed shoes for DVS, Lakai and Element.  This has given him the opportunity to work directly with Jeron Wilson, Kerry Getz, Keith Hufnagel, Chico Brenes, and Ibn Jasper.  In 2011, Juston launched Diamond Supply Co. Footwear with Nick Tershay (Owner of Diamond), and is now the Senior Footwear Product Manager there at Diamond.

We asked Juston, out of all the shoes he has worked on, which was his favorite:

“My favorite shoe I’ve worked on, ironcially, was one that never came out…  I was working on the HUF 6 while at DVS back in like ’08-’09.  It was this full air bag, boat shoe inspired runner concept.  Before the sample ever showed up from asia, Keith left DVS to launch his own footwear line (HUF).  Besides that I would say it has to be the Diamond Supply Co. Jasper.  The Jasper is a shoe I worked on with Ibn Jasper, who is part of Kanye West’s creative team DONDA.  Then maybe the Folk Mid which is a new shoe that we released from Diamond just last month.”


While working with us Juston made some connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.  During his years at Ambush, Juston met Jim Leatherman.  Juston and Jim teamed up in 2010 to create PORT.  PORT is a boutique-style store in Long Beach, California, that sells the finest in skate/surf lifestyle apparel and accessories.

We wanted to create a store/brand that was just a nice mix of skate/surf lifestyle, no hardgoods, just clothing, and select accessories,” says Juston.

In early 2013, Juston stepped aside and let Jim run the show over at PORT, so that he could focus more on his footwear career and family.

“I owe a lot of my professional success to Ambush; Lee & Eric really opened my eyes to the action sports industry.  I’m very thankful for the opportunity Lee gave me 14 years ago, and all the experiences we shared together.  I was always treated like family.  I’ve never told him, but Chuck also deserves a lot of the credit for my career.  All the business knowledge he taught me when I was just an 18-19-year-old kid and the trust he instilled in me is something I’ve never forgotten.  Knowing the business side of this industry has helped me tremendously throughout my career.  We had a really amazing crew of people working at Ambush during my time there, Bobby, Dearth, Kit, Dennis, Anna…Bobby and Dearth are my two best friends and we have continued to push each other in our careers ever since we left Ambush.”

Juston has come a long way since his Ambush days.  Here is a little advice and his biggest lesson learned since leaving little ole Acworth.

“Follow your dreams, and have fun.  Never burn a bridge, this industry is very small once you are inside of it!”

Thanks, Juston.  Cheers!

Bobby, Juston and Dearth

Juston (middle) and his fellow Ambush Alumni friends, Bobby Sattler (left) and Ryan Dearth (right)

For more of Juston’s work, check out his Tumblr.

Ambush Alumni: Ryan Dearth

Since opening our doors in 1997, we have been blessed with a revolving door of badass staff.  While some have stayed to push Ambush further in its evolution and to help cultivate the next group of young up-and-comers, others have gone out on their own and accomplished some pretty rad sh!t.   This is an ode to those who used Ambush as their career launch pad.  Whether you recognize them or not, their presence was highly valued during their time spent at Ambush…and we’re hyped that these guys are out there making moves and doing big things.

DVS Skateboarding Filmer

Ryan Dearth grew up skateboarding and filming his friends here in the Atlanta area.  He started working at Ambush in 1999, when the store was still located in the shopping center across the street from its current location, right next to Sidelines and whatever that laser tag joint was called at the time.  After his time at Ambush and years spent filming and submitting footage to 411VM and ON Video, Ryan left Georgia for sunny California.  Using some of the connections he made from working at the shop and sending in his footage, Dearth had gotten a job in the DVS warehouse and worked his way into an in-house filmer/editor position for DVS and Matix.

It is no surprise that the skateboard industry rivals Fort Knox when it comes to entry or employment.  Almost every kid’s dream as soon as he/she stepped on a skateboard was to become a professional skateboarder.  For some..that dream still lives, but many of us find out that the ability and talent required may exceed our physical capabilities.  Without losing the passion or love for skateboarding, the next logical step would be to aspire to work for a company related to skateboarding, whether that be board, shoes, or clothing companies.

I asked Ryan to give any advice for someone looking to follow a similar path.

Starting off, make a dope shop video and pass it around to the mags, the Berrics and any of the shop riders’ sponsors. Study videos. Pay attention to angles and editing for ideas. Make sure you’re settings and filming are on point. Film anything and everything. It’s like anything else you do, the more you do it the better you are. If you work for a shop, take advantage and create your own content for the site, i.e. trick tips, parts, board set-ups, contests, video release parties with interviews (it sucks to do, but its a learning experience). Do online tutorials in your spare time, i.e. editing, color correcting, effects, lighting, audio, video…if it’s truly your passion do what you can to be great at it in all aspects.

You pretty much have to move to CA to be a skate filmer…. Having an outgoing personality is a plus. Put yourself out there to make things happen. Just moving to CA isn’t gonna make it happen, unless you already have an in somewhere or with someone.

A lot of what got me to where I am today was on-the-job-training and working with other people.

The saying “It’s all about who you know” is completely true.

Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way to get a cool industry job.  One recurring theme after asking a bunch of people who work within the skate industry is that most of them feel as though they were in the right place at the right time.  The only way for that to happen is to put yourself in enough situations where that kind of opportunity can arise.  Basically, pack your bags, you’re going to California.

Enjoy some old and new pieces of Dearth’s work…

“Dirty South” – Late 90’s – Early 2000’s

DVS Does Detroit

5 Skate Trip Essentials

There are not many things in life more exciting than skate trips with your friends.  The thought of being free from normal life and hitting the open road is enough to get anyone’s juices flowing.  Choose your destination, load up the car, collect gas money, and BOOM you’re off to make memories that will last a lifetime.  After more than a decade of travelling the country with my friends, I have compiled a list of essentials for your skate trip, outside of the most obvious.


Road Trip


1.  Skate Tool

Skate Tool

DUHHH.  Everyone should have one somewhere in their car or bag at any given moment.  With that said, skate tools are similar to lighters in the sense that they are hard to keep track of when you let a bunch of people use them.  They seem to come and go as they please and the universe has a funny way of bringing them back to us, in the form of someone else’s skate tool.  Don’t get caught slippin’ at some spot hours away from the nearest skate shop without a tool.


2.  An Abundance of Clean Socks and Underwear


Clean socks and underwear

Lets face it, skateboarders (especially when on the road) are disgusting creatures covered in dirt and grime.  It helps to try and cover up your stench as much as possible.  No one in their right mind wants to have a bunch of dudes crashing on their floor when they all smell like feet and farts.


3.  iPhone or iPod Stocked with Music



While this one seems to be another no-brainer, you’d be surprised how many times I’ve been driving through rural areas and had no cell phone service, and a very limited supply of tunes.  Nowadays kids have a tendency to just use YouTube or similar music apps to play music, but when you’re outside of your coverage area, all you have are shitty radio stations.  If you’re lucky, someone may have a CD or two laying around from ancient times.  Despite your parents’ “nationwide coverage” plan you’ve been mooching off of, cellular dead zones exist all over the place from the mountains of Tennessee all the way to New Mexico and Arizona’s lonely desert highways.


4.  Bluetooth Speaker


Nixon Blaster

In the words of MC5, “Kick out the Jams, Mother F*****s!!”  These things are dopest things since sliced bread.  They give you the opportunity to bring your tunes with you wherever you go, wirelessly.  Take those headphones out, ya little shit, we’re jammin’ over here.  I give all the credit to the Muska for this one.


5.  Foam Roller


Foam Roller

Some of you may or may not be familiar with these little angels sent down from skate heaven.  Skate trips are very rough on your body, and the older you get the more painful they become.  Taking some time in the morning or at the spot to roll out some of your sore muscles accumulated from long hours of skating and sleeping on hardwood floors can really make a difference.  Your body will thank you later.  Rob Welsh knows what’s up.


Let me know what’s on your skate trip checklist in the comments below.

The Traveling LTD Project wrap up.

Spreading the love of wakeboarding is something we have been doing since day one.  Ambush Board Co. and Slingshot team riders Shredtown got together and produced a limited run of 15 wakeboards that featured a alternate colorway with additional graphics of their 2014 pro model.  The Co-op was intended to stoke out fans of Shredtown and Ambush and give them the opportunity to own a piece of wakeboard history.  In doing so we came up with the idea to send one board all over the country for people to try and this became The Traveling LTD Project.  It was a simple process of simply signing up and patently waiting by the phone for your chance.  With a select few getting the opportunity they would in turn get to keep the board for a week (sometimes two) to see what they could do on it.  The overwhelming reply from everyone was that they absolutely loved the board and we instantly converted Slingshot fans.  It’s these opportunities to allow people to try something new or different that give us a great sense of helping wakeboarding move closer to the masses.  With so many cable parks opening up regionally the cost of wakeboarding is slowly but surly bringing new people to the sport.

Thanks again Andrew, Chris, and Davis as well as everyone at Slingshot for working on such a fun project.  Below are a few images that were shared on social media and check out the map for all the locations the board traveled too.  Hopefully we can work on a similar project in the future!  There are a few boards still available so jump on the chance to be apart of history!


Traveling LTD map

Traveling LTD map



2015 Snow Preview with Ambush Board Co.

Well here we go again.  It’s the beginning of August and we are already talking about snowboarding and what’s new in the snowboard game for 2015.  Crazy to think that all the hot new gear starts arriving at the tail end of the summer, but that’s so we can have exactly what you’ve been looking for in time for the holidays and your snow trips.  With some pretty profound advancements in snowboarding technology from Magne-Traction to tech outerwear, what do you think is the hot new thing this year is going to be?  To get you in the mood here are some hand-selected items that we have coming that will only enhance your snowboarding experience.


Here are two boards you really want to keep in mind for this year.

2015 Lib Tech TRS XC2 is an all-mountain killer!  A new formula of C2 with a shorter, but aggressive Banana rocker combined with cambers that sit more underfoot.   Camber Banana Tech & Magne-Traction…yes, please!

2015 TRS XC2 BTX

2015 TRS XC2 BTX

2015 Never Summer Ripsaw with CR technology is  one to keep your eye on.   Never Summer has this new CR Technology that features amplified camber areas that are longer and deeper than their traditional Rocker Camber (RC) boards.  True twin tip with crazy pop!

2015 Never Summer CR

2015 Never Summer CR


New Boots to keep you feet happy.

2015 ThirtyTwo TM-Two Stevens Boot is the #1 team boot year after year.   ThirtyTwo boots are truly some of the most comfortable boots and feature this awesome System G2 Gel that helps on impact.  Oh, and if you don’t know who Scott Stevens is, get on YouTube now!

2015 32 Stevens Boot

2015 32 Stevens Boot

2015 Nike Snowboarding Lunarendor Boot is a mixed bag of awesomeness.  The Lunarendor is not only one of the most comfortable boots in the Nike line, it’s packing more tech than any other boot made…with features like FlyWire inner lacing, 3D molding and Lunarlon cushioning.  What else?  It lights up with an on/off switch and features 30 LED lights to illuminate the Swoosh.   This boot will be a Quick Strike this year so be sure to follow us for release dates!

2015 Nike Lunarendor Boot

2015 Nike Lunarendor Boot


The best bindings to stay locked in with the response you’ve always wanted.

2015 Union Force bindings are what put Union on the map 10 years ago!   The best bang for the buck, the Union’s Stage IV Base, Force Multizone Highbacks, and Magnesium Buckles can take on anything.  Park rats and backcountry riders best friends.

2015 Union Force Binding

2015 Union Force Binding


2015 Burton Cartel EST is a must own if you are getting any Burton board with the Channel.  There is no greater connection with this combo and you can never go wrong with Black Bindings.  *Booked!

2015 Burton Cartel EST

2015 Burton Cartel EST


Good Goggles : MUST HAVE

Nike Command PH (Black/Volt) Goggle  w/ Transition Lens.   Say what?   That’s right.  The big dogs at Nike are coming into the Google game this year and they are not holding back.  The Command is a large fit goggle that is designed for the ultimate field of view.  One of the best parts is the new Speed Change Lens System, a “Push and Pull” bracket system that features a fully sealed, anti-fog treated dual lens with uni-body gasket.  It’s Nike…they know what they are doing.   Transitions adaptive shield automatically darken and lighten in response to changing sun light and weather conditions.   True game changer.

2015 Nike Command Goggle with Transitions

2015 Nike Command Goggle with Transitions

Anon M2 Goggles are crazy.  The first time you change the lens and experience the Magna-Tech quick lens change system you are going to freak out.  It’s so simple.  With wall to wall vision and full perimeter channel venting, the Anon M2 should be in your top 3 to decide from.

2015 Anon M2

2015 Anon M2


Protect your dome you dummy.

Electric Mashman (Charcoal Flake/Stripe) Helmet features custom flake paint, and is badass to look at.  Classic motorcycle style with a twist, the Mashman isn’t heavy at all.  Easy Rider never looked so good snowboarding.

2015 Electric Mashman

2015 Electric Mashman

Smith Maze (Matte Black) Helmet is the go-to helmet for clean, modern, minimalist design.  No fancy bells and whistles here…just the worlds lightest certified snow helmet.  NBD.

2015 Smith Maze Helmet

2015 Smith Maze Helmet


Lastly, if you want to play the part you have to dress the part.

686 Parkland Pact Anorak (Camel Pincord Colorblock) is a 1/2 zip pullover-style jacket.  It’s all about the earth tones yo!  A killer 10K jacket for all occasions.

686 Parklan Pact Anorak Jacket

686 Parkland Pact Anorak Jacket

Burton Nomad Jacket (True Penny/Indigo Denim) features Burton’s Dryride Durashell.  Another great 10K jacket, but this one packs170g of PrimaLoft Silver insulation.  Not quite a puffy, but equally as comfortable.

2015 Burton Nomad Jacket

2015 Burton Nomad Jacket

Volcom Articulated Pant (Teak) features a Modern Articulated Fit/2-Way Stretch/15K waterproofing/15K breathable….gone are the gangsta pant days.

2015 Volcom Articulated Pant

2015 Volcom Articulated Pant

Nike Snowboarding Enigma Hoody (Black/Volt/Ivory)  is the most high tech riding hoodie…EVER.




Crab Grab Mega Claw Stomp Pad.  Look, we know some people think stomp pads aren’t needed, but you know what…these are RAD.  We’re down with the Crab Grab Crew!

Crab Grab stomp pad

Crab Grab stomp pad

 Leatherman Hail + PS Tool (Pocket Tool) and Skeletool SX (Multi-Tool) are a couple gems from Leatherman that you need.  Don’t be that guy always asking for a screwdriver or knife…pack your own heat.

Hail + PS Tool (Pocket-Tool)

Hail + PS Tool (Pocket-Tool)

Skeletool SX (Multi-Tool)

Skeletool SX (Multi-Tool)



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